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Team building - Escape room Málaga

Are you looking for a Team Building activity in Málaga?
We offer you a different business activity, fun and challenging, where your team will have a challenging common goal: find a way to escape from a mysterious room before 60 minutes.
Come with your team to live an exciting adventure full of adrenaline! Raúl Carrasco

Game master, Escape Málaga

What benefits does the Escape Room provide as a Team Building activity?

Greater bond between companions.

Perfect to know, value and respect.

Power teamwork.

The team together gets better results.

Improves the work environment

The good vibes that are created will last a long time.

Proactivity and positive attitude.

They will offer creative solutions to the problems.

The escape room is a very effective team building tool to generate a good work environment, reward, motivate and cohesive teams. The escaperoom in Malaga no longer offers only leisure, but it is consolidating as a work team development activity.

In Escape Malaga we offer companies an activity outside of work that manages to mix many positive emotions and get the best out of each worker to achieve a common goal.

In our activity, workers will face a new challenge that poses a common goal in which all win or lose all. To overcome this, they will have to communicate everything they see or do, coordinate with their peers and be able to identify and strengthen the different skills of each member of the team.

The main benefits that our escape room activity for companies brings to the workers are improved self-esteem, positivism, motivation and team cohesion, although other skills are also developed such as organizational skills, leadership, analytical capacity, tolerance to stress, management of the time, decision making, etc.

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